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Beitrag 2

Veröffentlicht am 21.12.2013
Text von Beitrag 2.
22.11.2013 15:20:35
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Bernie the convert repented to his Maker. "Thank you, God! This is exactly what I needed. I know I thought you let me down, but I was in so much pain, overwhelmed by the blackness and bleak horror of my life. It's hell in that windowless room with those suffocating walls and being forever poked and prodded by mindless minions who don't even know what's best for them. I felt like Napoleon trapped in a loony boon for fake Napoleons, no one ever believing me no matter what the truth is.
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At last, someone in the media questioning this. Thanks, Evan. Here in Victoria, the media have gone completely over the top with this creep and his gold digger wife, labelling their wedding the wedding of the year WTF? We hadn heard of him for nigh on 20 years until he and his tootallforhim squeeze turn up at the Brownlow this year.

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Black MakeupIn Ohio earlier this year, a 13yearold boy was sent home from school because of his black lipstick, eye makeup and nail polish (boy is not shown here). The school claimed it had a rule against "extreme or distracting" makeup.
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Cashel Street Mall: Christchurch is still in a state of economic recovery following the earth quakes of 2011 earthquakes but the vibrant Cashel Street Mall container district has brought fresh life back to the CBD. The RE:Start development showcases around 30 retailers in colourful container ships. The mall is situated in the heart of the city beside the river Avon and boasts an array of designer fashion stores (many of them being "pop up stores").
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I've been offered some strange deals in my time, but none more stranger than yesterday when somebody offered me a car in exchange for persuading Rolf Harris not to retire.
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